10 Point List for an Effective Workshop Session

Conducting a workshop or a session can be scary as well as tricky, especially if you have never had to do so before. Being an eLearning Trainer at one of the best known schools in the world, I have come to create an absolutely essential 10 point checklist that goes a long way in delivering the best outcomes in my training. 

1. Know your audience: Get a fair amount of idea of the audience attending your session, i.e. their professional background, age group, specific skill set they commonly require etc that you might be targeting. Sorting this makes your planning and delivery way more relevant and streamlined. 

2. Prepare a timeline:Allocate a reasonable amount of time to each section of your session (including refreshments and breaks) to avoid loosing track of time. This works well whether you are conducting the session solo or in a team. If your attendees are learning new skills or concepts, it is best you have sufficient time dedicated for a hands-on as well. 
3. Be at the Venue Befor…


Casting Device is a simple, affordable way to send (or 'cast' or ‘mirror’) entertainment and apps from your phone, tablet or computer to your TV, projector or speakers. It works with Android phones and tablets, iPhones, iPads, and computers. HDMI allows you to connect nearly any device to another display, but it has long required a wired connection in the form of an HDMI cable. Cast Devices banishes the need for an HDMI cable.
We at CMS eLearning Department, during an attempt to implement screen-casting in the classroom teaching used two types of casting devices and one cloud based casting:

1. Casting Device using external Hardware AnyCastGoogle ChromeCast2. Casting Device using application
Google Cast for EducationAnyCast

It can take whatever we see on one device and duplicate that in real-time on another display in high definition and with audio. It does this without relying on our Wi-Fi network.

Google's Chromecast

It is alternative to AnyCast. It is an affordable dongle that …

Non-Teaching Staff Training in CMS

During the extended winter break from 11th to 19th Jan, 2017, Non-Teaching Staff Refresher Training was organised by eLearning Department at CMS to help them acquire a working knowledge of few tools to assist them in their routine tasks. These tools are MS Office, Internet, Gmail etc.
It was conducted  in two slots (0930-1300 hrs and 1330-1500 hrs) at CMS IT Training Centre, Gomtinagar 2 and at CMS IT Training Centre, Station Road from 1330 hrs-1500 hrs. Approximately 280 Non-Teaching Staff of all 19 the branches participated in the Refresher training.
The refresher training was planned to evaluate the trainees on their understanding. Starting with a filling of a Pre-Training form, a training on Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Internet and Gmail were taken up followed by their respective practice sessions.  Trainers explained  about gmail and its application  after which the trainees emailed the prepared files to their respective campus  IT Assistants for evaluation . The training c…

About the Blog

The eLearning Department has been dedicated to amp the classroom teaching and learning standards at City Montessori School, Lucknow, India since 2015. With access to 1111 SMART classrooms across 19 campuses, the department equips teachers and students with the required tools and training to make best possible use of the facility. The blog gives a sneek peek into the efforts of the eLearning team, as they introduce technology in classrooms and make a difference in education.
Some of the initiative taken by the department to integrate online teaching with traditional classroom methods with CMS are as follows: Google Suite for EducationOpen Educational Resources (OER)SMART Exchange in SMART Notebook softwareTATA ClassEdgeIn addition to that, the department is also responsible for bringing about automation of various processes in the school via Dasboards for HODs, Principals, Teachers and Students. All this is facilitated by the CMS IT Portal.

To know more about how technology is being …

Workshop on OER

During the extended winter break, a 2-day OER Workshop was organised by eLearning Department on 06th and 07th Jan, 2017, in collaboration with QAID, in two slots (0830-1100 hrs and 1200-1430 hrs) at City Montessori School IT Training Centres.
Approximately 260 teachers participated in the workshop for Junior section teachers from all 19 campuses in the following subjects:
EnglishHindi GeographyHistoryPhysics & ChemistryBiologyMaths ComputersThe focus of the workshop was to sensitize the teachers of the quality standards that are expected of them as they add OERs in the CMS IT Portal.  
During the session, subject experts from QAID gave the teachers live examples of published OERs and highlighted the aspects they need to keep in  mind as they look for student-friendly content on the internet.
The eLearning trainers majorly dealt with the concept of OER, searching quality OER over the web, it’s pros and cons and guidelines as teachers share OER on the CMS IT Portal. The sessions we…